About Us

Whether for artistic purposes or otherwise, aquariums have a way of lifting a commercial space. A beautiful, hand-crafted aquascape is a unique way to add atmosphere and colour to your office or business – and unlike a simple painting, these artworks are living and animated. Bringing the natural beauty that an aquarium offers into your interior space comes with a multitude of benefits. In addition to their obvious visual appeal, they also provide soothing ambient noise and a calming backdrop to your environment, which has been shown to relieve stress, minimise boredom, promote concentration, and provide entertainment for potential clients or customers.

Custom Aquariums in Canberra

GetTanked.net.au feature a team of experienced, capable staff who work to take the hassle out of customising an aquarium for your space. We are the only place in town equipped to create and move large-scale aquariums, which means that no job is too big for us. From small, delicate glass tanks to large custom aquariums, we can expertly handle installations in any commercial venture, be it an office, surgery, shop, or restaurant.

We will craft your custom aquarium to the sizes and specs of your choice, ensuring that the finished product meets your needs. From designing and building the tanks to installation and maintenance, we will handle everything from start to finish. After your aquarium has been completed, our team of experts will ensure that your fish and underwater environments receive the delicate handling they require, both while moving them to your location and during the installation process.

Aquarium Maintenance in Canberra

Once this has been done, we can customise a maintenance package for you to ensure that your aquarium continues to look beautiful and that your fish stay healthy (check out our aquarium maintenance page for more details). We are also one of the few stores that, in addition to offering a great range of freshwater fish and environments, can customise and maintain a marine aquascape. We have a stunning array of corals, anemones, invertebrates, and gorgeously- coloured marine fish to choose from.

Rental Aquariums in Canberra

GetTanked.net.au also offers the option to rent aquariums, should buying one not be best suited to your business. Our commitment to great customer service means that whatever your needs, we can find a plan that suits you.

Give us a call and talk to our first-rate team to work out a solution for your commercial space today.