For Medical Practices

Aquarium Lease for Medical Practices

Aquariums enhance the beauty of any place. However, when used in hospitals and other medical practices, they do much more than add to the visual appeal. Aquariums have a therapeutic effect on the patients as well as the staff in the medical facility and hence, make the place healthier. comes to you with very pretty, creative and unique marine ecosystems. We sell aquariums and offer aquarium lease service as well. Install one of these wonderful ecosystems in your medical facility and notice the change it brings.

Is an aquarium really therapeutic?

Yes, it definitely is.

Scientific research has tested and confirmed that aquariums have a positive effect on people. According to a study by Purdue University, a display of brightly coloured fishes curbs disruptive behaviour, improves eating habits and reduces anxiety in people.

The effects are very profound on people who suffer mental and psychological problems including depression. Essentially, the sight of a beautiful aquarium calms the nerves and triggers a natural healing process in the body.

Further studies that compared the effect of aquariums to the effect of television on patients sitting in the waiting hall prove that aquariums have a calming effect while televisions often tend to make people more agitated. As a result, when there is a prominent aquarium in the space, the wait to meet the doctor seems less stressful.

Realising these benefits, more and more hospitals and medical facilities are making aquariums a part of their decor. While many of our clients like to buy bespoke systems, several of them like to use our aquarium rental service too.

Why for aquariums? is your one stop shop for all aquarium related needs. From working closely with the interior designers of your hospital and designing a bespoke aquarium to supplying fish, fish feed, equipment and carrying out regular maintenance, we do it all.

So, plan to integrate one of our serviced aquariums into your space. With us offering efficient and timely aquarium maintenance service, you can be assured of benefits without the strain of maintaining these thriving ecosystems.