For the Office

How a Fish Aquarium Aids in Well Being at the Office

Research from every corner of the world speaks about the health benefits of owning a pet. Pets help relieve stress and are known to have a calming effect on those around. But maintaining companion pets like cats and dogs outside homes is a difficult task. Fish, on the other hand, do not require as much maintenance and are known to have a very similar effect in both homes and in commercial spaces.

Medical practitioners and hospitals understand this calming effect that fishes in an aquarium have on their patients in the waiting room. Consequently, this trend has picked up pace and found its way into many offices and other public areas.

Key health benefits

Clean pools of water or the sound of flowing water too has a very serene effect on the human mind. Combined with colourful fishes gliding smoothly across a coral reef-simulated aquarium, it is one of the best possible ways to create a stress free zone in your offices.

Work places and other spaces where stress levels are likely to soar up constantly like hospitals and clinics need something more than just decor to create a tranquil environment. A fish aquarium is almost hypnotic to watch, allowing employees and visitors to relax and take a few moments away from work.

Even those diagnosed with health conditions find it easier to cope with pain and medication when they are in the proximity of a pet, even one as small as a fish. In fact, scientists claim that allowing patients to care for or feed pets helps them cope better. While other domestic pets like cats, dogs or birds may not be the ideal choice for sterile zones, an aquarium is the best way to engage such patients.

In dental offices, where young children are most nervous, an engaging and colourful aquarium is the best way to ease their anxiety and treat them effectively.

Interacting with fish

Surprisingly enough, fishes are known to interact with us from the confines of their aquarium. There are several varieties of fish to choose from and many are quite playful. This interaction can alleviate your mind further and allow you to enjoy their antics. You will often find yourself smiling and excited by their response, taking you further away from work related pressures and anxieties.