For the Waiting Room

How Installing an Aquarium in Waiting Room Can Help Your Patient

Of all places an aquarium is considered beneficial, patient waiting rooms and doctors’ offices top the list. The mere thought of rummaging through worn out magazines while waiting for their turn in a crowded waiting room can make patients avoid or postpone appointments. Healthcare clinics for children too need to be well equipped to occupy young children in waiting rooms. Installing an aquarium can keep your patients from getting bored and restless.

Keeps patients calm

Patient care facilities that specifically cater to older patients, particularly those suffering from medical conditions like Alzheimer’s, have found that their patients are a lot calmer and more receptive to treatment when they are around pets.

Aquariums placed strategically around the premises are among the leading pet therapy treatments used to calm patients and help them associate better with their surroundings.

In fact, patients have been reported to show reduced blood pressure levels and increased appetites when there is an aquarium in waiting rooms, recreation rooms or dining rooms. Alzheimer’s patients have also shown lesser anxiety outbursts when they are around aquariums and pets.

Acts as a stress buster

Pets, even the tiniest among fishes, can help ward off depression and have been known to boost immunity. Setting the stage for it in your offices with aquariums, you can encourage parents to use this calming strategy to help children with ADD or those with a tendency to be hyperactive.

Children’s books and colouring activities alone are not adequate waiting room material; interactive elements like colourful fishes in aquariums too are excellent choices.

A well designed fish tank can occupy children during their waiting time and ease their anxiety about any procedures, especially during dental appointments when children tend to be particularly nervous.

If they are first time visitors, an aquarium in your office can be an ice breaker and allow them to better submit to your care.

Since aquariums are known to be stress busters in office spaces, they are sure to go down well with adults visiting your clinics too. Making it to doctor’s appointments is as stressful for adults as they are for children, and an aquarium can lighten up the atmosphere for them too.

A well lit and clean aquarium can lend a sense of calm to the room, passing on the feeling to your patients as well. Whether they are awaiting test results or anxious about a procedure, a calm environment is just what a patient needs to relax.