Aquarium Maintenance in Canberra

Maintaining an aquarium can be a finicky task.

You can spend hours monitoring the health of your fish, checking filters, testing and maintaining water quality, as well keeping a regular cleaning schedule.

Luckily, has friendly and professional experts on hand to perform this service for you. Available for both regular and one-off tasks, we pride ourselves on delivering consistently great service and quality care no matter how large or small the tank may be. Depending on the tank, our flexible maintenance plans can be enacted weekly, monthly, on an as-needed basis or simply as a one-off – whichever suits you and your aquarium best. Ideal for busy offices, businesses, frequent travellers or simply hobbyists who would rather not waste time on the little things, clients all over Canberra are taking advantage of our great services.

Keep your aquarium thriving while you work or travel

We will feed and maintain your fish, keep your tank spotless and free of unwanted algae, check and adjust water quality and perform regular upkeep on all necessary areas. Adept, efficient, and experienced in the care of all aquariums, the staff at offer experienced problem solving with professional service and equipment for all our customers.

Marine Aquarium Maintenance

We are also practiced at maintaining marine environments, which means your saltwater aquariums get the same level of quality treatment. We offer a delivery service of Natural Salt Water (NSW) to Canberra and stock a variety of fish, corals and equipment to enhance your marine aquarium.

Pond Maintenance

In addition to an incredible range of aquariums and their inhabitants, we also extend our maintenance services to backyard ponds. We will spring clean, overhaul, and maintain existing ponds, treating any unsightly algae blooms and keeping the area looking pristine, so that your pond fish stay healthy. Additionally, we can stock your pond with beautiful fish and plants that are more suited to the Canberran climate, making it easier for you to look after your pond yourself.

Contact the friendly professionals at today for a quote and let us impress you with our great service and know-how. You won’t be disappointed.